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Executive search means different things to different people. Some professionals are in a failing industry; others have not yet found the best fit in their career, finding that they are under-employed; some are in need of a change for personal reasons; and some are unemployed, in need of a new position. Most recruiters are not able to help you cross over to a new industry. But you can…

ESC Compete Proactively
Better Than Recruiting -
It's job search with a pulse.

Maximize your exposure to the best jobs. ESC works with executives from all walks of professional career disciplines. Our team has nearly 20 years of experience assisting professionals with career search and transition.

National Presence

Virtual job search to help you, no matter where you live. We offer the best in local, regional, and national career search.

State of the Art Search Technology and Tools

We provide the best job search tools, technology (using state of the art business intelligence), combined with proven search techniques to provide the very best in advanced career search methods. We enable you to access the job markets in a proactive way that puts you ahead of the competition.

Individual Attention

Each person we work with is important to us. We work as a highly specialized team to promote your success.

The High Cost of Being Unemployed

If you are an unemployed executive in transition ESC understands your unique needs.
According to career experts cited on, CareerBuilder and Yahoo Answers, it takes approximately one month of search time for every ten thousand dollars of income to land a new position.